A journey of light..

On October 13, 1963 in the small village of Siljan, Norway, Tore Hogstvedt was born. From an early age, he enjoyed his pristine and simple hometown, drawing and painting to pass the time as many other children do. Noticing his abilities, Tore’s teachers encouraged his talent and repeatedly reinforced that some day he could became a famous painter. At age 12, a painter from Porsgrunn began mentoring young Tore. After several years of guidance, Jøntvedt’s death brought Tore’s pass-time to a screaming halt. Frustrated because he was unable to further develop his artistic abilities, he put down his brushes. At 18, Tore considered becoming a priest and began an intensive study of Theology. Never regretting his choice and after 4 years of studying religious truth and the rational inquiry into religious questions, he finished his theological studies and received his first assignments.

That same year in 1986 while on holiday, Tore’s life made a dramatic turn. On the GreekIsland of Aegina outside Athens, he experienced love at first sight. Tore decided to leave the priesthood and married his French love Meriem in 1989 and had two sons. In 1995, Meriem insisted that Tore start painting again. Now energized, he dusted off his brushes and headed outdoors reigniting his passion for nature. He filled their apartment walls with colorful landscapes while Meriem secured his first exhibition. Today, Hogstvedt works daily from the window filled studio in his home and his backyard that provides a 360° sweeping undeveloped picturesque backdrop that Norway is known for. With the support of his wife, Tore Hogstvedt has painted a path for himself with enough light and colour to grab the attention of Scandinavia, Europe, Canada, America, East and South Asia collectors.”

“I first encountered Mr. Hogstvedt’s work here in Los Angeles in 2009. His landscapes extend Impressionist practice into new horizons. Saturated with subjective, expressive color, they retain the truth of nature, heightened and transformed by the artist into a distinct and personal statement. We wish him continued success.”

- Kevin Zweyer Anderson,
Anderson Galleries, Beverly Hills

International art shows

2021 Zatista Gallery, USA
2021 Art Sleuth, HONG KONG
2015 Galleri Oxholm, DENMARK
2015 X-Power Gallery, Taipei – TAIWAN
2015 Get Art Museum – TAIWAN
2015 ART Revolution, Taipei – TAIWAN
2014 Gallery France, Beynac – FRANCE
2011 M Gallery of Fine Art, Charleston – USA
2010 Audis Husar Fine Art, Beverly Hills – USA
2009 Anderson Galleries, Beverly Hills – USA
2007 Arta Gallery, Toronto – CANADA
2008 Gallery Gora, Montreal – CANADA
2006 Agora Gallery, New York City – USA
2001 Galerie Sylvie Rufin, Versailles – FRANCE

Upcoming exhibitions

Solo exhibitions in Norway

2019 Galleri Asbjørn, KONGSVINGER
2017 Interiør-Galleriet, OSLO
2016 Galleri Asbjørn, KONGSVINGER
2016 og 2015 FELIX, Aker brygge, OSLO
2014 Galleri Fagerheim, BAMBLE
2014 Galleri Brogata2, SKEDSMO
2013 Siljan Rådhus, SILJAN
2013 Galleri Asbjørn, KONGSVINGER
2012 Galleri Skagerak, KRAGERØD
2011 Rælingen Kunstforening
2011 Lardal Kunstforening, LARDAL
2009 Galleri Lillestrøm, SKEDSMO
2008 Galleri HKR, HAMAR
2008 og 2005 Galleri Falkum, SKIEN
2007 Tjømes Kunstsalong, OSLO
2007 Klokkergården, LARDAL
2006 SAS Radisson, BEITOSTØLEN
2000 Gallerihuset, STAVANGE

Group shows in Norway


2019-23 Galleri Nyhuus, GVARV
2017-23 Galleri Bekkjarvik, BEKKJARVIK
2020-23 Rørås Kunstformidling
2018-23 Galleri Osebro, PORSGRUNN
2019-23 Galleri Fineart, OSLO
2018-20 Galleri Zink, LILLEHAMMER
2017-23 Interiør-Galleriet, OSLO
2017-23 Galleri Amare, STAVANGER
2018-23 Galleri Athene, DRAMMEN
2016 Galleri Beito, BEITOSTØLEN
2015 Galleri Ramfjord, OSLO
2015 Artgate, OSLO
2015-2019 Kunstsamleren, KONGSBERG
2013 Galleri Pingvin, OSLO
2013 Hans Børli selskap, Oppistun, EIDSKOG
2011 Galleri Matteo, PORSGRUNN
2010 Galleri Pan, OSLO
2010 Galleri Odvar Olsen, DRAMMEN
2010 Galleri A, OSLO
2008 Galleri Arctandria, OSLO
2003 Galleri Amare, STAVANGER
2000 Galleri Steen, OSLO
2000 Galleri Tonne, OSLO
2000 Gyldenlöwe Kunsthandel, OSLO
1999 Galleri V, OSLO
1999 Østlandsutstillingen / juried national exhibition
1998 Tale Art Museum Lillestrøm, SKEDSMO
1998 Abel Kunsthandel, OSLO


Norsk Hydro
TINE, Norske Meierier, Oslo
ABB Offshore Systems, Stavanger
Braastad Cognac, France
Beitostølen Resort A/S
Haukeland Universitetssjukehus, Bergen
Bolkesjø Hotell, Telemark
Romnes A/S, Oslo
Tellus Works, Oslo
Stavanger kunstforening
Lardal kommune
Siljan kommune
Rælingen kommune
Kongsvinger kommune
Byen Vår, Kongsvinger
Kongsvinger Bibliotek, Kongsvinger
Sentralsykehuset, Kongsvinger
Galleri Asbjørn, Kongsvinger
Glåmdal Trykkeri, Kongsvinger
Glåmdalen avis, Kongsvinger
Gunnar Holth Grusforretning A/S, Kongsvinger
KOBBL Kongsvinger
Kongssenteret, Kongsvinger
Sparebanken Hedmark, Kongsvinger
Romerikes Blad Lillestrøm
A-pressen ASA, Lillestrøm
Westco Renovasjon, Nittedal
Rotnes Bolig- og Eiendomsutvikling, Nittedal
Carpe Futura, Skedsmo
Rønhaug Bøkkedal
International collectors: USA, France, Canada, Taiwan, England, New Zealand

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